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Fundraiser for Rose's First Mother's Day


5.16.18 Update: Our beloved Rose has passed - about 16 hours after our event was held.  She enjoyed one dance for her Mother's Day. We will still be raising money to give to her newborn son and family.  Please donate and share.  Thank you and peace.  Abbey

What better way to raise money for our friend Rose's very first Mother's Day than to produce a REVERSE STRIP TEASE for her where our dancers will be tossing money AT HER as they boogie, groove and shake a tail feather.  All in honor of her. 

100% of the money raised for this event goes directly to Rose.  In singles!

As many of you know, we founded Spread the Sparkle with the idea that celebration and family is paramount to well being.  We are operational all year long, but we come together on holidays - when other non-profits are closed - to help people feel loved. 

Rose is a friend to many.  She had her first child prematurely in December and had experienced leg pain throughout. At first, Rose thought her uphill battle would be handling a premie.  But then it was discovered that Rose has Stage 4 Sarcoma, a rare bone cancer.  We desire for her to be adored and treated like a queen with money falling all around her for Mother's Day. 

$2500 is our goal, but we'll keep going if we can.  Rose has many medical expenses and is also raising a child now.  

Click DONATE and you'll be taken to our GIVING FUND PAYPAL page where there are no fees and all the money goes directly to Rose via Spread the Sparkle.  

Please note - there is no attendance for this event. Only the dancers will be attending the event with Rose on May 14th from 6p-8p. 


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Rose + Ethan 

Rare time together