Our Mission

Working with other not for profit organizations, we will identify participants who exhibit a motivated desire to attend our events on holidays.  By providing celebrations for families and individuals, we will spread sparkle, joy, love and warmth. We hold local events on Easter and Christmas and then seek to expand into a national organization within five years and an international movement by 2023. 


Oftentimes, Non-Profit Organizations do an extraordinary job around the holidays but are closed on the actual day of, leaving many alone wondering how to pass the time. Spread The Sparkle opens its doors on days when community and charity come together to make memories for those seeking family and tradition. Volunteers have a sense of purpose and attendees share holiday spirit - maybe for the first time in years


After decades of unsuccessfully looking for ways to be of service on popular holidays, our founders created one! On Christmas Eve 2014, Abbey LeVine posted that she had two extra seats at her holiday dinner party and fourteen people responded so her sit-down became a buffet and all were welcome. At that dinner was Brenda Fredericks, who called the next day looking for some leftovers to bring to a Harlem woman she found on Craigslist requesting Christmas goodies. The woman fell into Brenda's arms crying, as Brenda was the only person who responded to her request for a meal. When the woman saw the fresh pumpkin bread, pork roast, winter jacket and blanket provided by the two friends, she wept and shared thanks and photos of her Christmas meal and "bed." 

And in that moment of magic, an organization was launched. Spread the Sparkle proudly engages in daily pleasure, celebration, abundance, inspiration and love. We believe family is crucial to happiness and that every act of kindness improves the world. 

Gorgeous and Powerful!
— Clare Stevenson, NYC

What We've Achieved SO FAR


  • Founded
  • Fed hungry family on Christmas Day
  • Housed 14 women on Christmas Eve
  • Website Launched


  • Easter Party for 30 women and their children, all survivors of Domestic Violence.  
  • Goal to raise $1800. Reached $2600.
  • BarrierFreeLiving.org partnership established
  • Donated 50 gift bags to Grand Opening Ribbon Cutting for BarrierFreeLiving.org new housing facility
  • Christmas Party for 90 women, children and a few men ON Christmas Day featuring live music, face painting, Santa Claus handing out gifts to kids, 50 filled purses donated, huge luncheon served.



  • Bi-Annual luncheon with Barrier Free Living launched
  • Fundraiser for Mother's Day Event hosted at East End Bar and Grill
  • Mother's Day Pamper Party with Kid's Talent Show hosted on May 8, 2016
  • Christmas Party for 230 people at Barrier Free Living Apartments



  • Fundraiser with Unlocking Futures raises $14,673
  • Become 501c3
  • Host event Christmas day with record number of volunteers and attendees
  • Form Executive Board of Directors